Ep. 31 Angela Shante: The Noisy Classroom

In this episode, I speak with author Angela Shante. She discusses her new book, The Noisy Classroom.  The book is about an African American girl entering third grade. When she finds out she is going to be in the raucous and disorderly classroom with Ms. Johnson, she wants to run away.

During our conversation, Angela Shante discusses her inspiration for writing, her writing process, The Noisy Classroom and upcoming projects. 

Author Bio:

Angela Shanté is an elementary education teacher, writer, and poet. Angela grew up in New York City where she fell in love with words and teaching. She received a Master’s in Elementary Education with a focus on literacy and later went back to school to receive an MFA in Creative Writing. As a teacher, she fills her classroom with literature and games. As you can imagine it is occasionally noisy. Angela always knew two things: (1) she loved teaching students to read and write, and (2) she wanted to write stories that children would love to read and would inspire them to write.

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