Jane Against The World

Today’s book share is JANE AGAINST THE WORLD ROE V. WADE AND THE FIGHT FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS by Karen Blumenthal. The book is a non-fiction book for young adults.

The author Karen Blumenthal writes in an engaging style. From the prologue you’re hooked and want to learn more. I know I wondered who Jane was. Who was Jane and what role did she play in the famous Supreme Court Case? This question and so much more was answered by reading this book.

The book provides a history of the famous Supreme Court case Roe V. Wade. What makes this book fascinating to read is that it’s not just about the court case but provides the historical context for what led up to the case and its aftermath. The book is broken down into four sections spanning the 1800s to present time. It features portrayals of different women pivotal to the history of the fight for women’s reproductive rights. In addition, the book provides an account of the history of women’s access to birth control options.

The book briefly mentions the role that women of color played in the fight for women’s reproductive rights. In addition, there is discussion about the disparity in access to reproductive health care but I would have loved a more in depth discussion of these issues and more features on notable women of color that also were essential to the movement for reproductive rights.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the book and learning about the history Roe v. Wade. It’s a great resource to help teenagers learn about the history of women’s reproductive health rights in the United States and stands the test of time as the issues discussed in the book are relevant today. It would have been even better if there was more discussion about the roles women of color played in the fight.

Published: February 2020

Published by Roaring Book Press

Author: Karen Blumenthal

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