Ep. 28 Ivy Claire

In today’s episode, I speak with author Ivy Claire. She’s the co-author with basketball legend Kobe Bryant of Epoca: The Tree of Ecrof.

Book Summary:

In the magical world of Epoca, two dueling royal families rule – Dreamers and Realists.  When the kingdoms inter-marry, the first inter-crown heir is produced – Princess Pretia the “Child of Hope”- who wishes to be known for anything but her title.  Like every child in Epoca, Pretia dreams of competing in the prestigious Epic Games, a quadrennial sporting event which unites the finest athletes in the land.

That dream is realized when Pretia joins tony Ecrof Academy, home to all Epic Game contenders. She meets Rovi, a Star-Stealing gifted street thief whose mysterious recruitment to Ecrof reignites questions about his dark past. Struggling to fit in, the misfits join forces on and off the track (and field) course, in a race to save their fellow students – and themselves – from losing to a sinister game no one knows Ecrof is playing. 

Set in an alternate classical world dominated by sports and a magical power, EPOCA is a mesmerizing fantasy with supernatural elements and rich world-building. It’s an inspiring coming-of-age tale about overcoming adversity, transcending stereotypes, and the power of friendship, set within a backdrop reminiscent of Ancient Greek Olympic Games. 

Link to Epoca posters and reading guide:


Ivy Claire is a former world-ranked athlete and author of acclaimed adult literary fiction. Epoca: Tree of Ecrof is her middle grade novel debut.

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