Ep. 26 Heidi Fielder

In this episode, I speak with author and editor, Heidi Fielder. She discusses her writing process and independent editing services for writers. We also discuss her cool book craft project, Fortune Bookies. The Fortune Bookies project allows you to create literary fortunes that help to celebrate reading. Learn how to make your own Fortune Bookies at https://www.helloheidifiedler.com/fortunebookies


Whether it’s a poetic picture book, a zippy early reader, or a kid-friendly take on the physics of time travel, Heidi Fiedler’s books are philosophical and filled with quirky tidbits, playful language, and lots of heart. She believes books have the power to make us all feel a little less alone, and the best ones leave room for the reader’s imagination. She lives a cozy life with her husband, son, and favorite books in Massachusetts. Learn more about the work she does at helloheidifiedler.com or find her on Instagram @heidifiedler.

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