Lucy’s Light

I’m excited to share a new picture book review. I love the opportunity to read a colorful and delightful book. It brings out my inner kid.

The book I’m sharing for this review is LUCY ‘S LIGHT by Jo Rooks. This book is part of Jo Rooks’ Once Upon A Garden series. My last review was about SOPHIE’S SHELL. In this new book, we meet Lucy a lovely, friendly and talented lightning bug. Her talent is being the best flyer in her squad. But she has one problem: she doesn’t light up. This is especially difficult if she needs to fly at night. Lucy faces self-doubt about herself because as a lightning bug she doesn’t do the one thing that makes a lightning bug unique, lighting up. In this story we follow along with Lucy who has to overcome her self-doubt, find confidence and learn to accept herself for all the wonderful things she is.

Young readers and parents will enjoy reading about Lucy’s adventure. We all face times when we have to deal with self-doubt and self-acceptance.

This book if for young readers ages 4-8.

Published: 2019

Published by Magination Press

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Author: Jo Rooks

FaceBook/IG: @JoRooksIllustration

Twitter: @JoRooksArt

Publisher: Magination Press

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