Led Bradshaw (@ledb11209) is the owner and illustrator of JetPulse Comics (@jetpulse_comics). He joins us to discuss Jetpulse Comics, the inspiration for starting the company, his advocacy for children with autism and the diverse educational comic book series that he creates with his son Jacob.


Led Bradshaw is the owner and illustrator for Jetpulse Comics; an educational comic book publication that he created to pull children into learning by combining reading and math skills into an amazing comic book adventure.  

He created Jetpulse Comics in June 2017 when he was laid off from seven-year employment at Southern telecom, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY.  What makes Jetpulse Comics so unique is that it’s a Father-and-Son publication.  Their main story, “The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse” is an amazing comic book universe that was created entirely from the imagination of his son Jacob, who is on the autism spectrum. 

To learn more go to: jakejetpulse.com.

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