Gregg Millman (@greggmillman) is the author of the THE KANDY KINGDOM SAGA. Gregg has blended his experience as a TV writer and love of kid’s fiction to create his first novel for kids 8-12 years. He joins us to discuss his new book, his writing process, and collaboration with his son to write his novel.

THE KANDY KINGDOM SAGA: Imagine THE HUNGER GAMES, but nobody’s hungry because there’s tons of candy! Or STAR WARS, but with Dark Chocolate instead of the Dark Side! When two 7th graders get transported to a magical world of candy, they meet talking chocolate bunnies and wisecracking gummy bears. But behind the sugary sweetness lies a dangerous darkness – the evil Sour Power candies are attacking innocent Sweet Treats. Can these regular kids lead a candy army to victory, while also juggling mean girls and first crushes in this world? Find out in the first installment of this epic saga of Sweet versus Sour!

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Gregg Millman is a Hollywood Screenwriter and Middle Grade Novelist, who’s created movies, TV shows and novels for kids, including a Nickelodeon movie, ONE CRAZY CRUISE. His new fantasy novel, THE KANDY KINGDOM SAGA, is the first in a series about the adventures of two kids in a magical world of candy torn apart by war between the Sweet Treats and Sour Powers.

Gregg started writing for MSNBC, but realized writing for kids was much more fun. So he moved out to La La Land, where he took his lifelong love of John Hughes teen movies and put it to good use: creating all sorts of kid content, from angsty teen TV soaps to silly Nick movies to post-apocalyptic YA sci-fi series.  Gregg has now landed in the alternate dimension of The Kandy Kingdom, where he plans to reside while he completes the book series.

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