Being shy can make it hard for kids to meet new people, go new places or experience new adventures.  How can we help kids cope with shyness or social anxiety?  Books are a great resource to help kids.

In the new book Sophie’s Shell from the Once Upon A Garden Series written and illustrated by Jo Rooks, we meet the main character Sophie, a lovely and smart snail, dealing with shyness.  Whenever she feels shy, she “Pops” into her shell.  In the book, she’s about to start school, but she’s nervous about first day. Will her shyness keep her from making new friends and learning new things? How will she handle her first day of school? Young readers will enjoy reading about Sophie’s new adventure and find out if she gains the confidence to come out of her shell.

This book is for young readers ages 4-8.

Publish date: August 2019

Published by Magination Press