Photo by Ben Stamper

This episode launches Season 2 of Talking About Books for Kids podcast. During this episode, I speak with author and illustrator, Vesper Stamper (@vesperillustrat) about her award winning debut YA novel, What The Night Sings.  What The Night Sings is an “illustrated novel about a teen Holocaust survivor, who must come to terms with who she is and how to rebuild her life.”

Vesper Stamper was born in Nuremberg, Germany and raised in New York City. Her family was an eclectic mix of engineers, musicians and artists who didn’t think Voltaire too tough for bedtime reading, Chopin Valses too loud for wake-up calls, or precision slide rules too fragile as playthings. She married filmmaker Ben Stamper right out of college, and together they have two wildly creative children. When Vesper earned her MFA in Illustration from School of Visual Arts, Ben gave her an orange tree. She illustrates and writes under its leaves and blossoms at her grandfather’s old drafting table, in the pine woods of the Northeast.

To learn more about Vesper Stamper, go to http://www.vesperillustration.com,  @vesperillustration (Instagram) and @vesperillustrat (Twitter)

To learn more about this book, check out your local library or bookstore.